First Visit

We are always excited to welcome new patients into our practice.

In accordance with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Academy of pediatrics, we recommend that every child should be seen for an oral evaluation within 6 months of the eruption of his/her first tooth or before his/her first birthday.

What we do at the first visit will depend, in part, on your child's age and cooperation. Above all else, we strive to make the first visit an easy, fast, positive experience, so your child will want to return in the future.

We always emphasize that we are fostering the development of a person who will seek dental care for a lifetime.

A typical first visit includes:

  • Meeting Dr. Lesley and the staff
  • A tooth cleaning
  • A comprehensive exam and treatment plan
  • X-rays (if needed)
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Diet and oral hygiene education

Parents are welcome to accompany their child throughout the entire visit. We strongly recommend children under the age of 7 be seen in the morning when they are fresh; we have excused absence forms for you to bring to your child's school if needed.

In preparing your child for his/her first visit, please be positive and explain that it will be a fun visit where we will brush and count his/her teeth and leave the rest of the details to us; Dr. Lesley will gladly answer any further questions he/she has about the appointment.

Motivational Charts

Your child will enjoy healthy dental habits when they use these Motivational Charts. Encourage regular brushing or help them break the thumbsucking habit.

Activity Sheets

Want something fun to do? Print one or all of the below Activity Sheets to see if you can conquer the Dental Crossword Puzzle, find all of the Hidden Toothbrushes, Unscramble the Dental Words, or find the Hidden Dental Words. We know you can do it!